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    8800 Error when printing from Javascript

      I have a script that opens an existing PSD file, reads and increments a serial number in a text layer and sends the file to a printer. Nothing fancy there. It works fine in CS3, but in CS6 (Win and Mac) it throws the dreaded 8800 error. Even a stripped down version (just opening the doc and attempting to print) fails as well:


      var prt_fileRef = File("c:/laser/dp.100.ep_bottom.psd");
      var prt_docRef = app.open(prt_fileRef);
      activeDocument = prt_docRef;
      ... - Could not complete the command because of a program error.
      line 4-> prt_docRef.print()


      Strange as it may seem I cannot seem to locate any examples of a print script for CS6....


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.