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    Slipping Keyframes: Yes? or NO?!

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      When you slip a clip with keyframes in the Timeline, do you want its keyframes to slip along with the clip?


      In my case, 99% of the time, I DON'T!  Why?  Because the vast majority of the time, I set motion/effect/audio keyframes based on events in the sequence (i.e. music cues, dialogue, other clips/cuts, titles, etc), NOT based on the content of the clip itself.  However, in Premiere you can't slip a clip without its keyframes slipping too.  In After Effects, it's the opposite, slipping a clip NEVER slips the clip's keyframes.  The After Effects team gets it, that an editor's workflow requires keyframes to stay put when slipping a clip.  So why doesn't Premiere Pro's team get it too?


      This is a huge editing headache for me and no doubt for so many other editors.  Thankfully, the solution could be so simple:


      Slip a clip = Keyframes don't Slip

      CTRL-Slip (or Command-Slip) a clip = Keyframes slip together with the clip (current PP behavior)


      This solution would accommodate all workflows, allowing keyframes to slip or stay put depending on the situation!  So to answer the question of "Slipping Keyframes: Yes or No?", I say give us the power to decide!

      What do you think? 


      I've sent FRs to Adobe for this in the past but it seems we still won't get a fix for this in CS Next, so I'm hoping to get others on board, sending Adobe their own FRs so we can finally get this part of Premiere Pro working intelligently, the way After Effects does.  Here's the link for your FRs: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish (there's power in numbers, so if you've ever been annoyed with Premiere's slipping keyframes, please add your voice with a formal FR!)