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    Green screen Help

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I got a clip from Shutterstock of a stage curtain opening over a green screen. Originally downloaded as .mov file 1920x1080i. It was PAL so I changed frame rate to 29.97 progressive in AME converted it to H264. I want to composite a show I filmed, but am having a tough time with the jagged edges I can't get rid of. Does not look realistic at all. Not even a little bit.Greenscreen.jpgGreenscreen 2.jpg

      First of all, I need to change the color of the curtain to a dark blue. As you can see in my effect settings. I set similarity to 75%, but still have problems. 100% would distort the curtain color. I am not sure how to proceed. Should I change curtain color first, and then key out the green? WHich of the sliders will get rid of the jadded edge? Should I have converted the original file if it is 25 fps and my project is NTSC?

      I also added an antialias filter, but not sure it does anything.

      Should I try it in After Effects?