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    Spry effect DoFade come undefined when on the web


      Hello every one and thanks for taking some of your time to read my request.

      I'm new in the world of web design and have only started a few days ago so I probably have a lot lacking..


      So the adress of the website:



      So here is my problem, I wanted the images of my front pages that I use as links to fade ( of 50 % ) when the mouse of the user go over them.

      So I looked up a few tutorial and found out about the behaviours things, which seems really easy, but turned out to be a nightmare on which I now have spent two days , and cannot figure out where the problem come from..


      When I do a preview in dreamweaver of course, everything is fine and it works perfectly.

      But once the pages are uploaded on the serv ( a free server as I'm still in a test period ) the behaviours don't work anymore..


      Here is what firefox tell me :

      ( dont worry for the CSS, they dont seems to really cause trouble )



      Which bring me to the following line :



      So here I am, I really hope some of you had the problem before and could tell me how to sort this out !!


      Thanks for reading anyway, hope to hear from you !



      Anarsheep - Flo