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    How do I attach debugger to a running mobile app (w/o rebuilding)?


      Here's what happens now:

      1. I launch a Debug configuration of my AIR Mobile app in Flash Builder 4.7 with "Standard" packaging for iOS. The app builds, and then packages; the latter part takes about 5 minutes.

      2. I walk away from the computer and start making a sandwich. Mmm, pickles.

      3. My app is now installed on the device, and FB4.7 shows a popup that it's waiting to connect to the app.

      4. A minute or so later, this popup times-out and fails.

      5. I return to the computer with my sandwich. I see that the debugger has timed out, and curse loudly, spewing chewed pickles across my computer and iPad screens.


      It would be nice if the next steps could be:

      6. I launch the app on the device, which then displays the "Waiting for the debugger to make a connection" popup.

      7. I press an "attach debugger" button in FB4.7 and my debugger attaches.

      8. My app runs with the debugger attached. Yay.


      Does the button I want for step #7 exist? Is there any way to attach the debugger to the running app, or relaunch the app without rebuilding it?


      Instead it seems I have to repeat steps 1-3, except that instead of being able to stop paying attention during the long build, I have to stare at a progress bar until the app build is complete, then perform step 6 above, and then I'm good to go.