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    How do I make page automatically scroll to a certain place?

    kornbif Level 1

      I am making a portfolio page, the home page has links to different works. (Grahpic design, photography, drawing, etc)


      The main page has a link to a "drawings" html page but my drawing photos are at the bottom of the page.


      I was able to add an anchor on the drawing html page itself on a link I titled "drawing" so that when clicked, it scrolls down to the bottom.


      My problem is that on my home page when I click the link to reach the drawing html, it will not scroll down to the selected area on the page unless I click "drawing" link again, but a person viewing the page would not click drawing twice to see the drawings.


      I don't know if that makes sense but basically I want it to work so that when I am on the home page and I click on the drawing page, it automatically scrolls down without having to click again on the "drawing" link again.