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    Best Practice for 8mm 18 fps movies

    SteveC100 Level 1

      I've just transferred a bunch of old 8mm home movies as image sequences. They were shot at 18 frames per second and transferred frame-for-frame as a series of TIFFs.


      My goal is to edit these things in an 18 fps timeline and then export the finished video as an 18 fps quicktime -- then post them  on Vimeo. It seems  that this will produce the smallest amount of artifacting.


      I've imported the clips and set their frame rate in "Interpret Footage". And I've created sequences at 18 fps by dragging a clip to the new sequence icon. My problem now is how to export. All the export options limit you to a menu of framerates -- but the menu doesn't include 18 fps. FLV let's you set a "same as source" framerate, but I'd prefer to create quicktimes. I know that I can do this in After Effects, but it's easier to do the editing work in Premiere.


      Anybody have any suggestions how I can output at 18 fps? And will Vimeo (or any other video hosting service) accept that rate? And if this won't work, then what's the best way to get them to 24 fps? Would that be Twixtor?


      Many thanks to anybody who can offer any suggestions --