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    Glitches and Load Speed Issues with Edge Animate Site

    Mike Dubbzz

      I recently created a website at www.goshowpro.com and am having some glitches and load issues occur and would appreciate any help or insight into the matter. The site loads relatively quickly on my computer and my hosting servers technical support system but when I show it to my client it takes anywhere from 15-20 seconds, even after I have cleared the cache and cookies. All my image files are 'gifs' as to alleviate memory usage and I don't know what else to do that I haven't tried yet. Additionally, when you go to the services page from the about page, the light beams don't connect to the lighting fixtures and the text is placed differently than what I initially had in Adobe Edge Animate before I published the files. And the facebook link doesn't go to facebook but to www.goshowpro.com/facebook.... (ie I get a 404 error) even though in the program I have the link set as www.facebook.com....  I don't know what else to do besides what I have been doing and would very much appreciate any insight into these issues.


      I should also mention that I used more html files than I initially planned due to lack of support on creating complete animation functionality with Edge Animate. I would like to have everything on one page but I don't know if that would be possible with the current version of Adobe Edge Animate ( Thank you again for your help.