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    Request Code


      Trying to Activate 7.0 without a connection to the Internet, Got to the point of getting a Response code but need a Request Code!  How or where do I get a REQUEST CODE??

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What process are you following that enables you to activate software without an internet connection?

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            FiascoMikey Level 1

            The one in the activation insstructions and as usual it's all BS

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              Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

              Can you tell us what Application are you activating and what is the version.


              If it is an Application of Creative Suite 6 family. Please try the following steps tio get the Request Code:


              1. Launch the product after installation and go to the Serial Number Validation screen.
              2.      Click "Having trouble connecting to the Internet"
              3.      Click “Offline Activation”.
              4.      Click “Generate a Response Code”.
              5.      Write down the Request Code.
              6.      Go to an online computer, and navigate to
              7.      Click Offline Activation.
              8.      Sign in with your Adobe ID. In case you don’t not have one, you create the same from this screen.
              9.      Enter the request code you see on the product and click Generate.
              10.  Write down their Response code.
              11.  Go to the offline computer.
              12.  Enter the Response Code obtained from the website.
              13.  Click Activate.




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                FiascoMikey Level 1

                Thanks, but when I get to the "Generate a Response Code" page it does Not have a "Request Code". I also do not see a "Request Code" on the product CD.

                Galatians 5:22-23

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                  Rave Adobe Employee

                  You need to click on "Generate a Response Code" and then note the code

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                    FiascoMikey Level 1

                    I did that ! Still no "Request Code"


                    Galatians 5:22-23

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                      Capt Ed1066


                      You are missing that clicking the "Generate Response Code" step does not give any data to copy down.  However, it does result in a note under the "Request Code(s)" box: "Request Code Invalid".


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                        I am having a similar problem. I am installing Photoshop CS6 offline and get to a page that says, "Please connect to the Internet and retry" with a link to http://www.adobe.com/go/getactivated. This page takes me to a place to generate a RESPONSE code, but it asks for a REQUEST code and serial number in order to do so. Where do I get the REQUEST code? Thanks.

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                          I just purchased Photoshop Elements 13. I'm having the same problem. Where in the holy h_ll is the request code. If Adobe keeps up this super secret twisting hoop they make their customers jump through every time we purchase one of their products then I'm finding another product to buy for my photo processing needs. Adobe is operating like a paranoid geek.