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    ID file on Skydrive with data pasted from Word corrupted


      I recently joined Creative Cloud and downloaded English InDesign on two of my Windows 8 computers in Japan, then created a file. The original file was on Skydrive and I copied it onto Cloud. I edited it a couple times more so the Skydrive version was more developed. This morning when I opened the Sky file, the file was corrupted.  The pages guides are only partially visible; the text mostly invisible. I see where the text should be, paint it, change the font, and sometimes the text briefly appears, only to disappear again moments later. The Skydrive file  had a couple of pages of tables with data that was copied and pasted from Word that the file saved on Cloud didn't. I can view the uncorrupted (but less complete) file on Cloud, but when I download it to work on it, it is somehow updated (with the new tables) and corrupted: most of the tables and text invisible and the guides only partially visible. Is it because I'm using the English version of ID in Japan? Or is the problem Skydrive? Or perhaps because I had pasted text from a Word table? I have no idea what the problem is or how to correct it. Losing this file and data is no biggie, but I'm concerned about using ID then having this same problem on other projects.

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          Actually, I see now the problem isn't really the file, but the software. I can open other ID files, but when I try adding text to it, the file gets corrupted (guides and text disappear and it no longer functions). This happens on both computers. I uninstalled on one computer and am reinstalling. If the problem persists I will uninstall again and install the Japanese version. I would still appreciate any comments should someone have an idea of what the problem might be.