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    Problem with yellow blotches

    Jim Air Level 1

      I have been working all afternoon with some photos my wife took of our daughter and granddaughter together.  Am very happy with the final result which has entailed me taking my daughter's

      head and transposing it to another photo where our granddaughter, Alex, is very good (using Photomerge in any way was no good, so took the longer route).


      Perhaps because my wife took them on a point and shoot there is one fundamental problem.  There are yellow patches on our daughter's skin.  They are not the result of temperature (not a colour caste)

      Though I did try fixing in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) with temperature and tint.   I have tried adjustment layers of many types.  Tried levels adjustment layers, working through each colour, red, blue,

      green, but nothing seems to work.


      Perhaps they are just large artifacts, and I just have to clone  - however whilst this would be relatively easy (if time consuming), then my understanding would not progress.


      What can I do please ?? 

      Kind regards


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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try clicking around the photo with the color picker after going to:


          Enhance >> Adjust Color >> Adjust Color For Skin Tone

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            Jim Air Level 1

            Hi jon

            I have tried that, however your comment "try clicking around the photo"?  - must have another look.



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              Mark Sand Level 4

              Here's another approach that might work:




              To remove the yellow tint on the right side I added a blank layer (Layer 1) and set its Blend Mode to Color. Used the Color Picker to select a portion on the left side, and painted over the yellow.

              Lowered the layer's Opacity until the 2 sides matched.


              The trick is in the initial Color Picker selection. You may have to try several different areas.


              This method didn't work well for the dark area next to her eye so I added another layer (Layer 2) and used the Clone tool.



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                hatstead Adobe Community Professional

                If you are so inclined, please post the picture so that we may suggest targeted guidance.

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                  Jim Air Level 1

                  Hi Mark

                  My immediate thought was that I have tried tint.  However now trying your suggestion and my first impressions are it might work for me.  Will come back later to report on final results !

                  Thanks !


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                    Jim Air Level 1

                    Hi hatstead,

                    Here is the imageIMG_2947  Alex cuddles Trina, on an angle.jpg

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                      99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Hi Jim


                      Here is one option.


                      I used File >> Open As and chose Camera Raw

                      Then used the color and luminance sliders to reduce noise

                      Then clicked the open image button to send into the regular editor

                      Added an adjustment layer (hue/saturation)

                      Selected yellow channel and added lightness (although it also affects the background)



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                        Mark Sand Level 4

                        Good job, 99jon !

                        Actually I think the lighter background looks better than the original but to leave it unchanged just paint the adjustment layer mask with black.

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                          Jim Air Level 1

                          Hi jon

                          Have done as you suggested using settings in RAW of 49 each for colour and luminance.  Then in regular edit +12 for lightness.  This last one is a balancing act because if I go higher then the blotches stand out in a different way.  Yours looks like you have put the slider well over to the right.  How much did you use please ?  The background is no problem at all and will put my mind to it later, can overcome (if necessary) at that point.


                          Many thanks for your input, very helpful.  Still deciding at what point I say enough is enough (a while yet as am pretty stubborn).


                          The other thing that strikes me is that the image would probably make a vg  B & W.



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                            Mark Sand Level 4

                            Using the method I described in msg#3:


                            - With the Color Picker selected a light portion of the child's forehead.

                            - Added a Solid Color adjustment layer filled with this color and set the layer's Blend Mode to Color. This eliminated the yellow but also changed the entire picture.

                            - Filled the adjustment layer mask with black to restore the original.

                            - Set the Foreground/Background colors to their default white/black values.

                            - With the Brush tool painted over the yellow portions with white to reveal the new skin tone, taking care to avoid lips, eyes, hair, etc. If you make a mistake, paint with black to restore the original. Tip: type "X" to toggle between black & white.

                            - If the skin looks too dark or light, you can double-click the adjustment layer to select a new color. If too dark you can also try lowering  the layer's Opacity.

                            - To elimimate the yellow hair I added a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, selected Yellow from the pull-down list, and lowered the Saturation.

                            - Made a Levels adjustment to the original layer to lighten the whole thing.


                            yellow skin.jpg