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    Syncing to My Website Problems. Help!


      Hello everyone, I have made my own website using Dreamweaver CS5 on a computer at my school. I was told today that all the computers were going to be wiped clean of data. So I copied all of my Dreamweaver data from my school computer into a flashdrive and put it all on my home computer. My home computer has Adobe CS5.5. I opened up the site files into Dreamweaver at my home and managed my sites. I suceeded to get a connection. I was wanting to update some of my pages from home so I connected, made changes on the pages,saved them, then I clicked the sync button. It looks like it wants to sync and says it does, but when I vew the website on a browser nothing has changed. I've tried using different browsers, clearing cache =, and deleting history to see if that was it but none of that was it.


      Do any of you guys know what's going on? Please help.




      Also, I don't know if this helps but my website url is www.holycityphotos.com.