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    InDesign trial crash/Error saving as PDF


      I recently downloaded the InDesign CS6 trial to piece together a magazine I am creaing for my senior project. Its 20 pages, and it does use quite a few images. I first got the export error then tried replacing images with smaller versions. Didn't work. I then tried the "divide and conquer" method. I was able to export just the cover as a blurry, low quality PDF. When I tried exporting the cover and just my first spread (pages 2 and 3), I got the error again. When I tried to export the magazine as a whole, it stopped exporting at pages 4 and 5 (spread 2). I tried all sorts of quality differences, and closing programs. When I removed all images from spread 2 and 3, I still got the error.


      I tried closing InDesign and then browsed the site for solutions. When I tried opening InDesign again I get the pop up box for Error: 16 telling me to uninstall and reinstall the product.


      This is due very soon and my graduation sorta relies on this. I've been tampering with this for ages and I have no time to reamake it. Please help.