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    DataTip with Unit

    bertige Level 1
      i have a LineChart with 7 Lines and i have a Problem with the DataTips.
      The Problem is that the DataTips are shown without units. All of the 7 Lines must be shown with different units.
      I don't know how to do this. Can anyone help me?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          I don't do much charting, but see if there is not a dataTipFunction() available.
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            bertige Level 1
            Yes, there is a dataTipFunction.
            But my Problem is that i don't exact know how to work with it and how the function works.
            Which data use the function to do something? Is it using the data from the DataProvider? What kind of data do i have to put in the function?
            And the other thing is that i have 7 lines with different data. When i read the description of the function it looks like the function cant work with all 7 different lines.
            Perhaps you can tell me more or what im doing wrong?
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              Can you post some simplified code for the 7 line chart?
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                bertige Level 1
                Yes, here is my LineChart Code:


                <mx:LineChart y="71" id="chartWEATHER" width="90%" horizontalCenter="0" dataProvider="{dpStat}" showDataTips="true">
                <mx:CategoryAxis categoryField="time" />

                <mx:LinearAxis minimum="-40" />

                <mx:LinearAxis minimum="900" maximum="1100" />

                <mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{dpStat}" yField="temp_a" displayName="Temperatur" />
                <mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{dpStat}" yField="feuchte_a" displayName="Feuchte" />
                <mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{dpStat}" yField="windboeen" displayName="Windböen" />
                <mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{dpStat}" yField="wind" displayName="Wind" />
                <mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{dpStat}" yField="regen" displayName="Regen" />

                <mx:LineSeries dataProvider="{dpStat}" yField="luftdruck" displayName="Luftdruck"/>