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    TypeError: this.toolbars is undefined ? CQ 5.4 ?Panel & MultiField




      We have recently upgraded from CQ 5.3 to 5.4 Author. All of our custom multifield xtype widgets are stopped working, when we drilled down a JS error has been noticed constantly after click and init.


      TypeError: this.toolbars is undefined


      Line 31397


      Which is occurring at panel.js

      onLayout : function(shallow, force){

      CQ.Ext.Panel.superclass.onLayout.apply(this, arguments);

                      if(this.hasLayout && this.toolbars.length > 0){

                  CQ.Ext.each(this.toolbars, function(tb){

                      tb.doLayout(undefined, force);






      Any pointers to this would be appreciated.