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    Audio becomes unsynced after exported. (Fixed-ish)


      I am running CS6 on a lenovo lpatop. Not the best specs, but it's what I've got. My problem is that I have this new video I've made and the first two clips work fine, but then it slip into audio from another part of the whole video, other random clips work, but others are playing the audio that should be playing in the end as well(I am editing one 42 continous shot into appropiate chunks for my YouTube Channel.)


      It plays just fine in the playback and the timline shows it playing the sound it should be playing, it's just the exported file that plays the wrong audio.


      I am exporting it at the default settings (Codec: AAC, sample rate: 22050 Hz, channel: stereo, quality: high, bit rate: 32) I have exported it using avi and H.264, both result in the audio unsyncing.


      I have tried starting a new project and editing everything over again, but I neglected to manually add the imported files and instead copied them from the previous build. I have made other videos before, but only this is the first time something like this has happened to me. Any help is appreciated.


      I decided to just reshoot all the footage anew. It didn't take me as long to do this time, but there is still a problem here somewhere that I just worked around somehow.