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    About Animation from EDGE on Windows 8 apps?

    KGBMICHEL Level 1

      Hi, My name is Michel.



      So. I'm wonder if I could put some animation into a app made on Visual Studio Epress. Creating an aplication in Javascript with HTML5, just importing the files created/exported from Adobe Edge animate.



      I think could be a nice work in apps put some animations from EDGE AN.


      Thanks for any information.

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          sssaturday Level 1

          Hi, I'm trying the same thing and just figured out how to get this working. When you publish your Edge Animate composition do the following:


          • Publish for Web and make sure all three checkbox options are deselected.
          • When you move your published files into your VS solution, make sure you copy over the "edge_includes" folder along with all other assets.
          • Open your Edge composition's HTML file and copy the Adobe Edge Runtime script and the <div id="" class=""> codes into the VS project's HTML file between the head and body tags respectively.


          That should do it!