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    Swatches do not transfer to a new document

    Michael Brown12 Level 1

      I created a document in AICS6. I duplicated the document in AICS6 resulting in two identical documents, "A" and "B." I created six color swatches in document "A" and named them. I saved this file and drew six little squares and filled them with each of the six swatches. I saved the file. I copied the little squares from document "A" and pasted them into document "B," its clone. The names of the swatches did not transfer to document "B" nor did they appear in the swatch palette under any name.


      They are nothing more than CMYK combinations in document "B." This is absurd, but not unexpected from such an horrible piece of software as AI. Is there some preference I need to invoke? I'm sure I'm doing something wrong and that it is really simple. I just don't have the time to figure it out. Thanks in advance for any help on this (by the way, this has always worked in previous versions of AI.)




      Mac OS 10.8.3