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    iPhone and iPad cannot connect to iMac


      I'm having trouble connecting my mobile devices to my iMac using Edge Inspect. Edge Inspect is running on my machine and in the browser (the icon is illuminated in the Chrome taskbar), but when I try and connect my iOS devices via the Edge Inspect app on each one, they cannot see my iMac and any attempts to use 'Manual Connect' (with any of the 3 IP addresses shown in the Chrome plugin's menu box) result in an error message:


      "Connection unsuccessful, please try again."


      I've got the latest versions of iOs and the Edge Inspect apps running on my iPhone and iPad, OS X 10.8.3, Chrome 26.0.1410.65 with the Edge Inspect plugin and the latest version of the Edge Inspect app running on my iMac, and have verified that port 7682 is open on my iMac. Edge Inspect is shown as allowing incoming connections via my firewall. I've tried restarting the Mac, to no avail.


      TL;DNR: I've tried everything that I can find online to get the application to work, but my devices can't 'see' my iMac. Can anyone help?


      (If it matters, I'm running a BT Home Hub 3.0 for my home network.)