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    Problem with cflayout after applying Cumulative Hotfix 4

    mkane1 Level 1

      A couple of years back, the upgrade to CF 9 caused a problem with cflayout, whereby the first tab would not be aligned properly. The fix was twofold:


      1. Update the cflayout.js file in /cfide/scripts/ajax/package as described at http://www.elliottsprehn.com/cfbugs/bugs/82223


        var _70=new Ext.Panel({title:_6a,contentEl:_68,_cf_body:_68,id:_69,closable:_6c,tabTip:_6b, autoScroll:_6f,autoShow:true});


        var _70=new Ext.Panel({title:_6a,contentEl:_68,_cf_body:_68,id:_69,closable:_6c,tabTip:_6b, autoScroll:_6f,autoShow:true,autoHeight:true});

      2. Add width="x" to the <cflayout> tag iself


      Recently, I applied cumulative hotfix 4 and it appears to have broken cflayout again, causing the exact same problem. I see that there is a cflayout.js file in the hotfix folder, dated 2/6/13, that was copied to /cfide/scripts/ajax/package as per instructions.


      I was able to "fix" the autoheight problem by simply copying the cflayout.js file I had edited in August 2010 from my production server. But I am worried about what other problems may result. I compared the files, and there are many, many differences. The var _70 line is completely different.


      Any suggestions?



      - Michael