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    Sound wont play in internet explorer.

    sabermaster28 Level 1

      I have been making a web page everything seems to be working great with the page in Google Chrome and Firefox. Although the music or sound wont play in Internet Explorer. Does anyone have the answer.


      heres the web page address




      heres the code im useing


      // creation complete
      try {
              load: "http://simonwidjaja.github.com/EdgeCommons/live/EdgeCommons-0.6.0.js",
              callback: function() {
          // Load sound manifest (e.g. in creationComplete)
          var assetsPath = "media/";
                      {src: assetsPath + "stormymonday.mp3|" + assetsPath + "stormymonday.ogg", id: 'stormymonday'},
                  {src: assetsPath + "loveme.mp3|" + assetsPath + "loveme.ogg", id: 'loveme'},
                  {src: assetsPath + "throwmeaBone.mp3|" + assetsPath + "throwmeaBone.ogg", id: 'throwmeaBone'},
               function(){ EC.info("Sound setup finished", "Sound with Edge Commons"); }


      catch(error) {
          console.error("sw", error);


      // composition ready