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    Bleed question

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      I'm preparing a magazine ad with a full bleed and the magazine's specs are worded in a way that's confusing to me (maybe it's lack of sleep). It's a full page and and they list their full bleed size as 8.25" x 11.25". Then they say the bleed should be .25" on all 4 sides. Final trim size is 7.75"x10.75". The live area is 7"x10" within the trim area. So I set up the InDesign document page size as 8.25"x11.25" with a .25" bleed all around then I set the margin to be .375" all around (half of .75"). Then I created a picture box at the document size of 8.25"x11.25" and filled it with the ad which is in PDF format to which I added logos and our address and phone number. But when I exported it to PDF with crop marks, the crop marks were outside the document area. Should I have made the document size equal to the live area (7x10) instead of the full bleed size?