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    How to use Find Change to add FC in front of all item numbers?




      I am using Indesign CS5 on iMac, running OS 10.8.3.


      I designed a product catalog that has 148 pages. Now I need to save the same design and make a new catalog for our wholesalers. On the wholesalers catalog I need to change the item numbers and add FC in front of each item number. How can I use find change to find each item and change them with FC in front of the item numbers? The following are a few examples of the item numbers:


      LED-4042 I want to change it to FCLED-4042

      UA-42 I want to change it to FCUA-42

      SC-110 change it to FCSC-110

      KN-10 change it to FCKN-10



      I am hoping there is a fast way to find and change these.  I was looking in to GREP, but I could not figure how to do this.