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    Date Chooser component

      I have a couple of questions about this component.

      First ...is it possible to style different days on the date chooser. For instance I would like to have days before today's date as disabled but I also want to do something like
      disabledRanges="{[new Date(2007,11,11),new Date(2007,11,12)]} " disabledColor="#FF0000"
      but I don't want all all the days before today colored red just those in the disabledRange. Also on this topic I am presuming that I can load the disabledRanges array using Ajax??

      Secondly..I am trying to use the allowMultipleSelection="true". Does this only work if you hold down the shift key on the keyboard as I would like users to be able to just click on a number of dates to select them all. And further on this topic..how do I get the selected values when using allowMultipleSelection="true". I have tried using the following


      and the function
      private function displayDate(date:Date):void {
      var alldates:Array=new Array();
      if (date == null)
      selection.text = "Date selected: ";
      var thedates:String = date.getFullYear().toString() +
      '/' + (date.getMonth()+1).toString() + '/' + date.getDate();
      alldates.push( thedates );
      but get nothing?
      What is the best way to get the multiple values?