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    Autofill a 2nd text box when 1st text box is filled in


      I'm working on a multi-page document in Acrobat X Pro.


      In the document, there is a text box on the first page.  Once that box is filled in, I'd like another box on page 4 to autofill with that same information.  The issue here is that the text box on page 4 needs to have a different field name than the first in order for the merge to pick up these fields in order.


      So if "DCEF" is entered on page 1 in the "Other1" text field, I'd like "DCEF" to autofill on page 4 in the "Other1a" text field.


      I'm new to Javascript and am not sure if this possible...but if so, how would it be done?


      Thank you!