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    Flex PlotChart, Datatip position, showalldatatip


      'm working on a flex driven application that will show a timeline of events. I have set the PlotChart's showAllDataTips property to True, so that the DataTips are always visible. I don't seem to have access to the algorithm that sets the locations of the DataTips and draws the line back to the corresponding PlotChart Item. As the image below shows, the algorithm seems to want to group the DataTips together, drawing them further away from their corresponding item, as demonstrated by the points to the right and left of the center point. The center point is demonstrating the kind of placement I would want.enter image description here

      The algorithm DOES place the DataTips in an acceptable fashion when the points are close together, which is often the case, and I want it to continue functioning in that fashion enter image description here

      Is there some property I can set to tell it to try and place the DataTip as close to the item as possible without overlapping other DataTips?

      What I have already tried (without success):

      • I tried overriding the function move(x,y) on my custom DataTip class, which did allow me to move every DataTip some static amount in any direction, but it did not contain information about the location of the associated PlotSeries Item, and it did not re-draw the line that connects the DataTip to its Item.
      • I tried overriding the function updateDisplayList(width, height), which had no effect on DataTips rendered by the ShowAllDataTips property instead of the Mouse_Over event.

      Thanks in Advance -Kevin