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    Advice on books for learning CS3 Master Collection


      I've been trying to learn as much as I can from tutorials and just basic knowledge from around the web.  I am understanding a little as I go, but am thinking that a book or two might help me as well.  I have several sites that I visit from time to time, so I don't need help on that front.  Can anyone give me some advice on what literature I should buy?  I own the CS3 Master collection, and I'm hoping to learn Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, and maybe other programs related to web design.  I've heard that the bible series is pretty good, but since I'm still considered new I really don't know where to start.  And not sure if this is the place to ask, but as far as web design is concerned, should I also get a book for coding? 


      Sorry if this is a topic that is asked every five seconds, but I've looked around as much as I could and this was literally my last option.  And in case anyone was wondering, I asking in this forum since every time I start off in one program I usually end up in Photoshop, so I assume people who know Photoshop also know some of the other programs, also I didn't really see a forum best suited for my question.  Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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          Bo LeBeau Level 4

          You would do best to buy individual books for each application.

          Some books try to have an overview of several different applications, but they only give the barest amount of information on each one and are basically useless.


          Some books like the Bible series are extremely large (Photoshop CS3 over 1,200 pages) but don't assume that more is automatically better.

          I think they make some of them big just to impress people looking for an instruction book at their local bookstore.


          The Bible and some other books include a CD of images and give step by step instructions using the supplied images.

          But they really don't explain how the procedures work and why you would likely using this procedure rather than another.

          They basically said, do this, now do that, do another thing, etc.


          The Quick Start Guide series by Peachpit Press dispenses with the hand-holding step by step intructions.

          It explains how and why to do things and has screenshots on every page to show the menus, tools and procedures of actually using Photoshop.

          The Quick Start books just give solid information and are usually much more affordable, which is helpfull if you are buying several books for different applications.


          Peachpit Press also has another series of books, their Real World series. These are larger books but without the CD, etc.

          Over the last 20 years I've had many different books, but in my estimation the Peachpit books are the best of the bunch. Your mileage may vary.


          Since CS3 is rather old, I'm assuming you are looking at Amazon or other online sellers. You might even be able to get some used books through Amazon resellers an a greatly reduced price.

          Good luck.

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            AttilaHan Level 1

            Do you hope to be a good web designer? Then you should start with some HTML, CSS and Javascript ... with them try to study Photoshop at the same time .... then try to combine all of these in Dreamweaver. Now, you have all the basic information for web design after two years from starting ... if you don't have any prior experience.


            And ... if I were you, I would study the newest versions.


            Good luck ...

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              spiritgod Level 1

              Thanks for the reply. 


              Yeah, I was going to purchase individual books for each program...I'd rather have loads of books than a single watered down book that teaches me very little. 


              Thanks for the recommendations.  I'm already looking into both series, and even though I can't find books on After Effects, Soundbooth, or Premiere Pro, what I have to go on right now should hold me until I get to that point.  And yes, I've been looking at Amazon and will probably not spend more than $20 for all the books I'll be purchasing.  Thanks again!

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                spiritgod Level 1

                I've been asked to make a web site for someone who isn't in a hurry.  Nothing too complex, but I still will need to learn the skill if I ever want to do a good job.  Plus it's something I've always wanted to learn.  I have all the necessary equipment at my disposal, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and an old book from college on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and DHTML...whatever that is. 


                "newest versions"  Not sure what you mean.  If you speak of the newest Adobe programs then that isn't going to happen.  My wallet can't handle the price tag, and I'm not in college anymore so getting a discount won't happen either.  Thanks for the advice though.