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    New to this and really struggling with FormsCentral


      I started using Adobe Standard to create my form but somehow in the process was switched to FormsCentral online.  I am creating an application with many fillable forms and it will go out to over 100 people with about 60 filling it out.  I did sign up for the FormsCentral Basic account so I can get more than 50 responses.  I am starting from blank and not using a template because none of the templates really went with what I am trying to do.  So my first question is should I be doing this in Standard or FormsCentral? My second question is other than YouTube videos where is the best place to find step by step instructions on how to build a form?  I have the basic idea and have started the form but it's not really turning out the way I had hoped, there are a lot of things that I don't know how to do so it's becoming quite frustrating.