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    Converting robohelp 6 to version 7 format problems

      Hello Everybody,
      I'm having an issue with my Flash Help file that I upgraded to version 7:

      I upgraded my robohelp 6 project to robohelp 7 and got some strange format results. In the editor some of my text with qutoes has an r placed inside of it, ex: ( ”r;History” )which turns to this when I output it, ex:( ”History”).

      Also when I'm using dashes they look fine in the editor, ex: (Title –   Enter a short ) but when I output the file I get this, ex: (Title &endash; Enter a short )

      This appears to be the code coming out in the text when I output my Flash Help file. Has anyone else seen this or know how to fix it?

      Thanks a lot