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    peer not authenticated error CFHTTP

    richardELeach Level 1



      I'm trying to call a web page using cfhttp. The url works fine and returns XML when called directly from the browser (any browser) but fails with the following error message when called from a .cfm file using cfhttp:


      Charset[empty string]
      ErrorDetailI/O Exception: peer not authenticated
      FilecontentConnection Failure
      Header[empty string]
      MimetypeUnable to determine MIME type of file.
      struct [empty]
      StatuscodeConnection Failure. Status code unavailable.



      It's a secured url (https) so I've attempted using the port 443 (which I verified with the vendor) and a plethora of other combinations of parameters.

      I was reviewing past errors like this via Google searches on different CF forums where they stated that the solution was either a bug fix from Adobe or that you needed to download the security certificate onto your own server, but all of those references were to CF9, and I'm running CF10. I've been able to use CFHTTP on other SSL protected sites and the response comes back just fine, just this particular URL. Why would this URL fail with this message and not others? And why would the url display without error from a call from a browser but not CF10?

      I was also able to make the call to the page successfully using the command line tool curl.


      What do I need to do with ColdFusion10 to get my CFHTTP requests to work?


      Thanks in advance,