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    Snap sprites after mouseUp

    anjemalo Level 1



      I have a strip of 20 images the width between then is 70 pixels, I am dragging the strip vertically, I need when the MouseUp the strip image snap to the nearest position of my list positions:


      the strip images has 2043 height and 100 width.


      I have this code but I cannot get it, can you help me please?

      Is there a better way to do it?

      many thanks.


      On MouseUp me

            myList=[-1326,-1256,-1186, -1116,-1046,-976, -906,-836,-766,-696, -626,-556,-486,-416, -346,-276,-206,-136,-66,4]

           sortedList = myList.duplicate()



          vIndex = sortedList.findPosNear(Pos)