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    White Pixels showing up in Animation

    K. Bowie

      My animated gif is showing white 'patches' (where there shouldn't be any). It varies where these patches show up, sometimes the 3rd state, sometimes the 5th of 5. We're only having problems on 2 of the 4 email addresses we're testing on, and all 4 are on the same system/platform. Any thoughts? Many thanks - K. 



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          groove25 Level 4

          Do any of your frames include transparency? (The frame shown, with the grey background, appears as though it might.) GIFs support index transparency but not alpha transparency, so any semi-transparent areas make use of a matte color. I'm wondering if the white patches might be a matte color substituting for partially transparent pixels.


          Also, I'm not sure how transparency is handled in an animated GIF.

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            K. Bowie Level 1

            Thanks Groove, it was the transparency! I exported with no transpaerncy and added a matte background and now all is well. Because it looked OK on half of the emails that we sent it too, I was hung up on thinking it was file size or some other issue.


            Thanks again!

            - K.