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    Detecting changes to managed collection

    CDGD Level 1
      If I have autoSync enabled on a DataService, how do I detect synchronisation events on a filled collection? I am using an Assembler. On my initial fill:
      this._ds.fill(listCollection, rest);

      I get a CollectionChanged event as expected on listCollection. When the fill is subsequently executed on the server, I can see my fill method being called on the server, but the CollectionChanged event is not being fired in response on the client.

      I am doing things this way because I want an external RPC call to update a data object on the server, resulting in changes on the managed server data objects. The RPC call creates a transaction,

      tx = DataServiceTransaction.begin(false);
      tx.refreshFill("cdApps", null);

      This correctly results in the Assembler fill method being called -

      public Collection fill(List fillParameters)

      But, alas, no indication at all on the client that a change has happened in the remote collection (I am tracking all the DataService events, but none are being fired).