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    What does the error message "Bad parameter - bad /Widths" mean?


      In trying to add Bates numbers to a multi-page file, the numbering always proceeds up to the same page, then stops with the error message  "Bad parameter -- the font 'OPSUFont0' contains bad/Widths." What does that mean, and how do I correct it? The page itself will not accept a Bates number.


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          Got a document with this same problem (Acrobat X):  "The font 'OPSUFont0' contains bad /widths."

          Printing and rescanning the offending page has been the past solution.


          Took a closer look using Preflight > Analyze > Overview > Fonts --- the difference from other fonts in the document is "Font defines differences from base encoding"

          When that is clicked upon, it goes to the page and there is a little place delineated with blue lines.

          Problem isolated -- How to fix it?