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    Align to baseline grid in tables is shifted

    Graham vdR Level 1



      I’m using a lot of tables in a long document. I’ve set up a baseline grid and am using it for all my text, including that contained in the tables. However, all the text within the tables appears to be offset slightly from the baseline grid. The space between the lines appears correct, but the baselines are all shifted up a few points from the grid. Any ideas why this might be happening?




      The text outside the tables is fine. I’ve checked that I haven’t accidentally applied a baseline shift to the text inside the tables or the paragraph containing the table, and there’s no space before or after the paragraphs. I’ve tried adjusting the space before and after the table in the table settings. I’ve tried removing all cell padding, strokes and other styling.


      Any new tables I create in the document have the same problem, even with no styling, but if I copy the tables accross to a new document they work fine in there.


      I’ve tried exporting the document to .idml and .inx. No difference.


      I’d appreciate any suggestions.


      I’m using CS4 on Windows 7.