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    Edges not smooth after recoloring


      I am a novice in photoshop and I've been going crazy trying to accomplish what seems to be an easy process. I received an illustrator file of a logo that I'm trying to work on...it has several issues that I'm trying to fix...in photoshop because I have no idea how to use illustrator.


      My major issue is recoloring parts of the image while keeping the edges smooth. It's currently brown and I just need it black. I have tried the following methods:


      Magic wand the brown part and create a new layer via copy

         -using brush to simply paint over it

         -using paint can to fill the selection - anti aliased, I've changed the tolerance a million times


      Use straight paint brush to trace over it, using a soft edge brush

          -my hand isn't steady enough to do it


      Magic wand and create new layer then do and over lay


      Converting it to black and white

          -it turns gray


      Adjusting layer hues, contrast, etc


      I've googled how to soften edges and have found nothing that accomplishes the simple task of changing it to black... Please help!! :-|