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    In PP, when will Project Manager work?


      So I have read other people posing the question of when will Project Manager in PP CS6 work? I would love to know the fix. It seems that there there are a variety of formats and machines that users have used, but with the same results. I get that same generic error, "Premiere encountered an error and to try again." It doesn't specifically say what the error is and of course there is no way of knowing if there really is one...how can one search that? Tried copying to a new sequence...no go. Plenty of hard drive space...no problem. I need to get this project off this machine on to a different one to finish the work.  And tying to use the Finder to locate the files when exporting to a different machine is out of the question. This is a huge project with 9GB's of files. And Project Manager was one of the selling points for me in switching from Final Cut Pro.


      I assume there is a fix as there is a "new and improved" version of Adobe's CS coming out soon.