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    Can I prevent the rapid flashing which occurs when testing a Flash movie which has a syntax error?


      I teach games development using Flash Professional CS6, and one of my students has photosensitive epilepsy. He is finding that the 'strobing' effect which occurs when he executes Test Movie on a movie with errors in its script is triggering headaches which can be a precursor to a fit. Obviously this is making it very difficult for him to complete his lab and assignment work. Is there any way of preventing a Flash movie from running if it contains a syntax error?


      I have created a workaround by adding a bunch of extra frames to the start of the movie which will display a "SYNTAX ERROR" message if the script doesn't run - this gives my student a few seconds margin to quite the movie before the strobing begins. I have a single frame at the start with a goto statement which jumps over those error frames if the code doesn't have any syntax errors.


      This seems to be working ok, but it's an ugly solution - does anyone know of a better way to deal with this?