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    Capture Help


      On a Macbook Pro Retina, I am trying to capture video with Premiere Pro from my Canon Vixia HG20.  The camera takes a USB-Mini5b and the computer takes a USB-A (computer has inputs for USB 3.0, and Apple Thunderbolt).  In the Premiere capture window, I get a “Capture Device Offline” message.  I did troubleshooting per the Adobe instructions, but no luck.  I opened iMovie, and I could import with that program, but I want to use Premier Pro.  Is there a solution for this?  Do I need to get a different cable or adaptor?  Thanks.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Premiere cannot capture (which is a tape-based function-firewire) from your hard drive camera.

          You need to transfer the images from the camera to the hard drive (USB or cardreader) on your mac first and then import them into Premiere.

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            Alan Craven Level 4

            Further to what Ann has said, you need to copy the entire folder structure from your camera memory to your computer hard drive.  If you copy just the image files, you lose the meta-data, some of which is essential for several purposes.

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              JDB95 Level 1

              Thanks.  I got an email response from Canon last night, which confirmed this. It would be nice if Adobe could allow for capture via the USB, but it is what it is for now.

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                JDB95 Level 1

                Alan, you address one of my concerns re losing meta-data.  I've recently switched from PC to Mac, and wonder what is the best method for copying the whole file structure?  Though I can see it in iMovie for import purposes, I cannot see the file structure in the Mac finder. Is there a way to just copy the whole structure on the camera and paste it in the movie folder?  Thoughts?

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                  Alan Craven Level 4

                  I am afraid that I have no knowledge whatsoever of MAC or any of its works.


                  My Canon HF S30 puts all the files in a folder called "Private".  Inside that is a folder called "AVCHD", which contains the HD video files in a folder "Stream" and the supporting meta-data in "Clipinf".  There are also folders for SD video and music but these are empty.


                  I simply copy the "Private" folder from my memory card (or the built in fixed camera memory) onto my hard disk, and then locate the video files using the Premiere Media Browser and import them.  The Media Browser "sees" only the video files.


                  A second alternative, which I find more convenient (but the politically correct gurus on this forum frown upon,) is to use the transfer software that came with the camera - this puts my video files and the meta-data in neat folders named for the date they were shot.