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    Firewire Output for Video Preview Intermittent

    mrwizzer2 Level 1

      I'm experiencing a frustrating problem with After Effects these days.


      We're producing some video to be projected, so to see what the final output will really look like, I'm doing video previews using FireWire so output goes directly to the projector. 


      It's been working great up until yesterday.  Was working fine until I had to restart my Mac.  Upon reboot, my the projector no longer gets any video output.


      I've tried restarting numerous times, checked all connections, etc.  Got it working again after several restarts, but after switching over to Photoshop momentarily, the video output once again disappeared.


      Any suggestions on how to regain consistent Firewire output for Video Previews?



      My setup:

      After Effects CS6

      Mac Pro

      OSX Version 10.7.5

      Firewire Output of my Mac's monitor is going to the Firewire Input on my Sony Media Converter

      RCA Video out (Composite video) going to the projector's video input.


      After Effects Video Preview preferences:

      Output Device:  FireWire

      Output Mode: Apple FireWire NTSC