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    Setting Up Local Test Server For Dynamically-Related Files Issue - Help??


      Hi..I'm sure this is a common thread but I couldn't find one exactly to what I'm encountering so thought I'd ask.


      As you can see from the screenshot I'm able to successfully load in my locally hosted wordpress site in DW (CS5):



      However, you can also see the error "Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server"


      I'm not sure where I'm going wrong because I believe I have these settings set up correct to my local server (http://localhost/) per the tutorials out there.


      Two screenshots showing my set up in site management section:




      I have advanced settings set up with PHP MySQL as well.


      Does anyone see anything glaring that could explain why I'm receiving the error?


      My end goal is to be able to use the feature to edit code on one of the dynamically related files. (See the live page then go into the code for that page and edit it).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been banging my head around over this and feel like it should be fairly easy to set up. Thanks again.