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    Dropped frames during timeline playback


      I have had playback issues with dropped frames in real time ( without rendering) of AVCHD files in the timeline for two years now. I have tried to find a solution to the problem but I was not able to. So I kind of lived with it and I have been just rendering the working area which is a real pain in the neck because I have to do that every time that I make changes to the clips I work on. A couple days ago I decided that I would shop for a better computer. I contacted a few companies. The one that makes PROMAX computers the guy who helped me asked me the reason why I wanted to buy a new computer and after I explained the problem I was having he told me that even a powerful computer like the ones that they sell might not fix my problem and that I should first find a solution to my problem.  I think it was nice of him to tell me that rather than just sell me a new computer. So here is my problem. I have an AVCHD file which I shot with my Sony NX5U videocamera. Its total length is about 5 minutes and the size is 355mb. 1920x1080 24p. I imported it in Adobe cs6 and I created a sequence made of 3 clips on 3 tracks of about 20 seconds each long . Each track has 2 accelerated effects on it ( ultyra key and crop).  When I playback this particular sequence it will play beautifully all the time even if I add 3 more effects on each track. So far so good. Because this is going to be a commercial I started creating new sequences of the same length and from the same original AVCHD file. Same procedure on the same computer. Well I  have created about 10 new sequences and they all drop about 356 frames during the playback in the timeline. But if I playback that particular sequence that I was telling you about it plays perfectly. When I bring up the task manager to see what the cpu  was doing while the frames were dropping the cpu was at 80%.When immediately after I played back the good sequence  the cpu was only  at 15-20% . I ran msconfig and I stopped some running applications but it still did not solve the problem. And finally last night while I was troubleshooting the problem I discovered that all of sudden all the 10 sequences that were not playing back correctly they all started playing fine for a few minutes but then they started dropping frames again except the first sequence that plays fine all the time. Please correct me if I am wrong. If it was a cpu problem since all the sequences are all the same size and same everything then they would all have the problem so then why there is one that I do not have any problem? I would appreciate if anyone would help me with this You can find my computer specifications under my profile. Thank you, Umberto.