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    Question on details of proxying requests through browser

      I've been looking without success for documentation that defines the behavior of Flash/Actionscript when submitting an HTTP request. I've read so far (on sites other than Adobe's) that Flash will proxy it's requests through the browser thus picking up any cookies that are tied to the site that the request is sent to. I've also heard that this proxying does not work for Remoting and Upload.

      Can someone point me to the documentation that definitively describes how Flash submits HTTP requests? Can I rely on it to proxy through the browser? My chief concern is that the Flash application shares the session cookies with the browser since flash is only a small part of a larger HTML/javascript based web interface.

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I'd be interested to know if there's some official docs as well.
          What I can say is that I've observed the behaviour you want.

          When using POST requests on my site the browser cookies are included in firefox, safari and IE (all windows)- verifed with Fiddler2. If you make a POST submission/request you can also add custom headers to the http request from within flash as well.
          I know you can't add the custom headers when making a GET request, but I assume the cookies would still work.

          I haven't tried remoting or uploads to see if they behave differently.

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            jim_flash Level 1
            Hey GWD- thanks for the reply. I've also observed the behavior described above too but I need some concrete info from Adobe before I start relying on this all over my site.

            Hey Adobe- This seems like a fundamental behavior of your product. It makes no sense that it remains shrouded in mystery. Please provide us a link to the documentation - or WRITE SOME if it doesn't exist- that describes what promises Flash makes to developers regarding ActionScript generated requests and their interaction with the browser.