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    help Playing external Swf files in flash...

      I am making a flash banner ad for my boss to advertise with an outside company. They only accept Flash 5 player compatible swf's which means I need to make an AS 1.0 compatible swf. Furthermore, this company restricts the file size to a ridiculous 16 kbs.

      The only way I think this will be done is by using the external "loadMovie()" function, to call from our server. However, I don't know where to begin, and apparantly have been unable to use anytutorial out there. Since, I am knew to actionScript coding I think I missing something.

      the break down:
      1- both movies are the same size (width and height).
      2- In the ad I created an empty movie clip, and placed it on the stage.
      3- Both the MC name and instance name assigned to the MC are the same (holder_mc).
      4- Frame 1 of my actions layer in the "Main" timeline I placed this code
      " http://www.ourdomainaddress.com/ads/homes&com/swfname300_250_LARGE.swf", "50");

      Nothing appears when tested.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.