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    UPDATE to "Premiere Pro's #1 missing feature": Auto-Tagging Bins with Shortcuts

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      In a previous thread (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1179075?start=0&tstart=0) I suggested that Adobe give us FCPX and FCP7-style subclip creation.


      I just got some new ideas that improve this previous FR:


      AUTO-TAGGING BINS with user assignable SHORTCUTS

      1.   Creating an auto-tagging Bin could be as simple as adding a special character such as ‘#’ in front of its title.  So for example, renaming a Bin from ‘Interviews’ to ‘#Interviews’ would automatically add the tag ‘Interviews’ to the metadata of all clips within it.  Users could even add several auto-tags to a single Bin.  For example, by naming a Bin ‘University #Interviews #Staff’, any clips added to that bin would automatically inherit the searchable metadata tags ‘Interview’ and ‘Staff’, but not ‘University’ since it doesn't have the ‘#’ symbol added in front of it.


      2.  Contrary to FCPX’s 'keyword collections' approach, my approach would also allow Bin/Sub Bin tagging hierarchies.  Imagine the following Bin structure: A parent Bin named ‘Interviews’ containing 3 sub-Bins named ‘Staff’, ‘Students’ and ‘Sound bites’.  Adding an auto-tag to the parent Bin, (e.g. changing the name to ‘#Interviews’) would automatically propagate that tag to the contents of all sub-Bins!  The organizational power of this would be amazing!


      3.  At any time, a user could remove metadata tags from clips simply by dragging the clips out of an auto-tagging Bin, or by removing the auto-tag from the Bin itself.


      4.  Any number of Bins, whether enabled for auto-tagging or not, could be given keyboard shortcuts.  Doing so could be as simple as selecting a new ‘Assign shortcut’ option from the Bin’s context menu, which would automatically bring up the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ window, with a new ‘Bins’ root folder twirled open and ready for use (in addition to the current root folders: ‘Application’, ‘Panels’ and ‘Tools’).  For easy visual reference, this ‘Bins’ root folder would automatically be populated with the names of every Project Window Bin, in their current hierarchy.  So, using the previous example, the Bin ‘Interviews’ would have a twirly arrow to twirl down/up its sub-Bins ‘Staff’, ‘Students’ and ‘Sound bites’.


      5. Any time a user adds a shortcut to a bin, that shortcut would appear at the end of the Bin’s name (e.g. adding the shortcut ’2′ to the Bin ‘Interviews’ would result in the Bin’s name appearing like this: ‘Interviews {2}’).  Thus users would always have a quick visual reference for remembering shortcuts.


      6. These options would give users 4 great ways to add clips/sub-clips to Bins for sorting and/or auto-tagging:

        1. Use a Bin’s shortcut to send a clip’s in/out range from the Source Monitor to the Bin.
        2. Use a Bin’s shortcut to create sub-clips of 1 or more selected clips in the Timeline (something you can’t do in FCPX!)
        3. Drag&drop a clip’s in/out range from the Source Monitor to a Bin.
        4. Drag&drop 1 or more clips from the Timeline to automatically create subclips that inherit any present auto-tags.



      IMHO, FCPX still has superior organizational tools vs PP, at the moment, but with the suggested features above, PP would truly one-up FCPX in this regard!

      Hopefully all of this is clear.  Thoughts?  Comments?