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    Green screen of doom / no disable hardware acceleration


      I have a PC

      Windows 8



      Problem # 1:  I am watching youtube. After a while, the screen becomes green. The only way for me to temporary fix ths problem is to restart my computer. But after a few more minutes, the green screen of doom comes back again!


      Problem # 2 : Everywhere on the internet (including adobe), they say to go to settings > disable hardware acceleration. My settings doesnt have the display panel in settings and i cannot disable the hardware accelerator. In my settings, i have: privacy / local storage / microphone / camera. -- no display panel to disable hardware acceleration!


      Picture: http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/6821/greenscreeen.jpg


      Problem # 3 : I cant email adobe for help at all. It just takes me to a faq help page which doesnt say anything to help my problem!!! 


      Can anyone help me? This green screen is very frustrating!!! The only way to watch videos on youtube to take out the green screen is to downgrade the video quality to 240p (which sucks by the way!!)


      Please help me.