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    Is the MVM .tmp file issue STILL not fixed by Adobe.

    timoteo1 Level 1

      I've read the entire 3 pages of the 16 temp files from hell thread (as well as some others), and was extremely disappointed to see that this issue still has not been resolved.  It definitely writes these files to the drive with the most space.  This is a major annoyance for a number of reasons (which were covered by various users in that thread) and it is completely unacceptable after literally YEARS that this has not been resolved.


      I actually am noticing these files when using AFTER EFFECTS, so it is an "Adobe-wide" issue, not just relegated to Photoshop.  I don't know if it happens with PS for me or not (I'm assuming it does).  But I wanted to post here because it is the exact same problem, and the discussion appears to be only in the PS discussions.


      Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks.