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    How would you edit a blurry video with such lightning?


      Hello there! It's my first video and I really need your help guys. I have no idea how to adjust this to look less blurry, the lighting was bad so nothing works as I would want to. Saturation just makes it more blurry, same for contrast. Sharp doesn't work at all. I've already tried to mess with three way color corrector but I have no idea which to choose, and anyway it won't remove the blurry effect for sure. Just give me some combinations, I hope someone already made a room video look nice. The problem was the camera - it was recorded with my phone, so that's probably the main factor. I work in CS6, and it's an amazing program, props to all of you that know it well!




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          Have you tried the Make Beuatiful Filter?  Just kidding!  First of all if you want good video, don't use your phone.  Video production is not cheap and you can't cut corners if you want it to look good.  Okay enough of the lecture. 


          You could try shriking the video, that may make it look less blurry.  If you shot in in HD, resize it down to an SD size.  Not the best for full screen playback, but mayby good enough for youtube.


          Look into renting a small video package for your next shoot.  You will be glad you did.


          Good luck.