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    Flex Charting 2 and the best solution for upgrade

    Flex man

      I worked with FlexBuilder 2 trial a few months ago (last months I worked with "WIN extension serial"). On June 10, 2007 I decided to aquire Flex Charting 2 and buy it on Adobe Web Site for $337.59 and I decided to wait for flexbuilder 3 until the end of the year. But now, Adobe anounced future plans for the Flex Charting 2 which will be "eliminated" and incorporated in the Flexbuilder 3 Professional edition at 2008.
      Buying FlexBuilder 2 after 1 November ($249) and paying an upgrade for FlexBuilder 3 Standard ($99), in the future, can I work with FB3 standard and my serial of Flex Charting 2? or must I buy Flex Builder 2 ($249) and after then buy Flex Builder 3 Professional Upgrade ($299).

      Sorry my english

      Flex man