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    Issue with 'modified by' on LiveCopies

    snemarch Level 1

      Hello everybody,



      we're facing a slightly perplexing issue on our CQ5.4 installation: when using 'Rollout Page', the page is rolled out to the correct livecopies, and the 'Modified' columns on the livecopies correctly show the author that performed the rollout.



      If we use 'Activate Page' to both roll-out and activate the page, the livecopies get updated correctly... except the 'Modified' column says 'admin' instead of the correct author. The jcr:lastReplicatedBy property on the blueprint page is correct, though.



      Is this by design, a misconfiguration on our part, or a bug/forgettance in CQ5.4?



      A few more details on our setup, in case it's necessary:

      Our global/corporate site is set up as a blueprint for each of our ~100 regional sites. The "Current Live Copies" section in the "Blueprint" tab correctly shows the livecopies. Our "Rollout Configs" is set to use the (OOTB, afaik) "Standard rollout config" and "Rollout on activation config" options, in that order.



      The corporate site is English-only (let's say it's located under /content/global/en, with both "global" and "en" using our "Hompage" template). The livecopies are dumped into /content/regionXX/en, from where the regional authors use a translation workflow to update their language copies with the new material.



      PS: this message has been cross-posted to the CQ5 google group and the Adobe CQ5 forum.